Learning outcomes

Student is able to plan, implement and report international market research in a new business environment, ie. in the business environment connected to the exchange study period. Student has deeper insight into the business culture of this area and has established contacts to local companies.

Core content

Market research connected to the exchange period, and especially to the business environment of   the exchange institution. Options for the connection include: 

-  company locating in the exchange area looking for markets in the exchange are or other countries

-  company located in the North Karelia/Finland interested in the markets of the exchange area.

-  company located in home country looking for information about the market in the exchange area.

The study will be reported,  (individual study 20-30 pages, in pairs around 40  pages.


Over 100 credits gained from first and second study year.

Share of student's workload

Research process and reporting 133h

Course material

There isn't any study material, but student is adviced to consult the study material for courses Quantitative Research Project as well as Global Business Plan and International Market Research.

Link to the virtual learning environment

In Moodle 2

Other implementation information
Deadline for submitting assignments

There is no specific deadline for submitting the report.

Assessment criteria

Report and, if available, assessment of the research by the commissioning company.

Assessment scale